Posterchild does something cool

I've linked to this guy's blog before, he's a stencil artist from Toronto. Well I'm linking again, to this stencil and this stencil. Pretty sweet: his quotation from a photographer's picture of his work, a picture which happened to be featured in the Toronto Star newspaper.

Things this clever make me smile. It touches on the controversy over corporate artists quoting and copying street art and using it in ad campaigns.

Very clever indeed.


Anonymous alex said...

pretty awesome.

wooster coll linkage

Blogger darrell said...


Actually I've been meaning to talk to you about the lack of street art in Japan, or more precisely the extreme public hatred for it. Sure you get graffiti and whatnot in Tokyo, Osaka, Hiroshima and the like, but I was watching a TV show the other day where this community group (made up of mostly yuppies) painted over a ton of graffiti in some hip neighborhood somewhere. The Japanese people on the show were all like "it's awful" and "it's so ugly" and of course if one Japanese person says something they all just kind of agree; dissent is not good behavior here. As Kuddy once said, they're kinda like a country of overreacting Jewish mothers that way. "My kid got hurt playing dodgeball so ban all ball related sports!" Yet kids commit suicide from bullying and nationally they fail to admit that there's a problem with schoolyard bullying in Japan. Maybe I'll make a post about it since this reply is so long. Meh.


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