My kids are funny sometimes

Lunch is one of the better times of day here at school. Every other teacher has an assigned seat, but I get to float around day-to-day and sit wherever I feel like sitting. Usually I just sit with the first kid that invites me over, but sometimes I impose my presence on the more shy kids for fun.

There's one kid who loves to sit with me. Typically he doesn't speak much English...and he definitely doesn't pay attention in English class...but yesterday he decided to only speak English all through lunch. This was awesome for the obvious reasons.

We were having okonomiyaki, a kind of cabbage pancake that's real popular in parts of Japan. He started his goofiness by singing to himself and repeating: "I looove okonomiyaki! I very very love okonomiyaki! Do you like okonomiyaki? I looooove okonomiyaki." However after the first bite I asked him how it was and he said, "So-so."

A little later he accidentally dropped some okonomiyaki in his nasty soup (it was real thin and gross).

Kid: "It fell in the sea!!!"
Me: "What?"
Kid: "Okonomiyaki fell in the sea!"
Me: "Huh?"
Kid: "Oh...oh...soup!"
Me: "Ohhh..."

Then he proceeded to give the bowl of soup (with bits of okonomiyaki) to another kid at the table.

Kid: "Eat this"
Other kid: "Nan de?" [Why?]
Kid: "Eat this! It will make you HAPPY!"
Other kid: "Eh?"
Kid: "HAPPY!"

When the other kid didn't eat his befouled broth the turns to me, head in his hands.

Kid: "I am sick..."
Me: "Oh really?"
Kid: "Yes, very sick."
Me: "In your stomach or your head?"
Kid: *hesitates for a second* "SAD!"
Me: "Huh?"
Kid: "Not SICK...SAD!" *flops his head down on the table*

Today it got even better:

Kid: "Darrell! I'm sic...nono, SAD! I'm sad!" *Rubbing his eyes*
Me: "Oh. Why?"
Kid: *points to the same boy who didn't eat his soup yesterday* "He punched me!"
Other Kid: "Iya...chigaimasu!" [No...not true!]
Me: "Did he really punch you?"
Kid: "Yes! He punched me!" *pantomimes being punched in the face* "I don't know why he punched me! I'm sad."
Other kid: *giving the "X" symbol with crossed arms*
Me: *first kid is still punching himself in the face* "You're weird"

I hope this insane English usage continues.


Blogger Lena said...

its funny how u write the same thing on shimane jets I caught u out !!! im great, pics from halloween party! where did u get the pumpkins?

Blogger darrell said...

Hey, I have two sets of readers...sometimes I recycle.

As for the pumpkins, Matt (the CIR) and his boss bought them. Donna and I carved them.

Blogger Tom said...

Japanese kids are the greatest. If I ever need a laugh I just tell my dad to start speaking only english. He then thinks real hard and the most random things come out of his mouth. oh god so good. English is great, all words, anytime, its all creative fun.

Anonymous Isaac said...

I just caught up on your posts and almost all of them made me laugh aloud.

It sounds like you're having a blasty blast. I wish thirteen year olds would come up to me and announce their mighty member!


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