It's time for the punishment

Okay, so the long awaited debut of the AKs music video for The Punishment is finally here. You're probably saying "I didn't even know there was a video for The Punishment coming out" or "who are the AKs and why should I care?" Well the AKs are simply the best streetpunk/hardcore band in DC. And you should care because I'm in the video. "It's time for the punishment!"

Oh yeah, and this video was directed by Bepstein at the Deathstar. Much respect.


Anonymous jamie said...

spoony has some award-winning facial expressions in this video

Blogger darrell said...

Agreed. I smell an Oscar...or whatever you get for looking awesomely goofy in a music video.

Blogger Lena said...

looking well Darrell , thought i wouldnt see u cause im usually really bad at picking someone out of the crowd wasnt the best at where is wallly ,but i saw u !!


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