FOX News - Doing Anything Possible to Avoid Reporting the Actual News

John Gibson over at FOXNews.com is busting NBC's balls for accurately reporting on the worsening situation in Iraq. He bitches:
Since I used to work over [at NBC] and know Mr. Wright and know how things work somewhat, I am confident I am right when I say Bob Wright decided, or at least approved, NBC's policy to refer to whatever it is that is now going on in Iraq as a civil war.

The Pentagon doesn't think so. The White House doesn't think so. Even CBS Evening News Executive Producer Rome Hartman said he thought NBC's decision wasn't so much a news judgment as a political judgment.

I think Mr. Hartman is correct. And it raises the question: Can an American network decide when the U.S. surrenders in Iraq? Can that network decide when the U.S. leaves Iraq and under what conditions? Is NBC covering the news or creating the news?

The answers to questions one and two are "no." No brainer. They also have absolutely nothing to do with his previous point, that NBC has begun referring to the situation in Iraq as a civil war. So let's get that out of the way.

The answer to question three? I know it may surprise you John, but they actually are covering the news. It may be hard for you to grasp, working for FOX and all, but what the governement says about Iraq, what the Bush administration says, that's not the news my friend.

Insurgency. That's what they've been calling it. A rebellion. Okay, it is a rebellion, that much is certain. They are rebelling against the United States, who happens to be occupying their country unjustly. However, since the US has been trying to hand over more of their power to the "Iraqi government" these rebels are now fighting more and more against that Iraqi administration. This is when a conflict becomes a war against groups of people within a country, or, as we sometimes like to shorten it to, a "civil war."

So don't try to turn your diatribe into a "darned liberal media dictating policy" rant. You know they can't do this. They can influence public opinion, but they sure as hell cannot dictate policy. What this is about is that the US media is actually starting to report the events in Iraq somewhat truthfully and faithfully. Just because this goes against what your buddies in the White House have been telling you doesn't mean it's not true. You ask the fallacious questions about NBCs powers as a news outlet, well then, can the Bush White House decide what the news is? No, they can't. It's a stupid question.

Iraq is in a state of civil war. You can't make this shit up.


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In case anyone actually cares, here's Kofi Annan being honest as well:



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