Pontificating on my love of cartoon women again...

Amongst the plethora of things that Misato Katsuragi has been dead right about is the following:


Instant soup + instant curry = instant heaven

This weekend I threw a little shindig at my place, the results of which can be viewed here. ALT rollcall: Ken, Mario, Donna, Leah, Leif, Lena and Karen. Support personel: Nori and Tom. Mario spilled his weiners and broke Ken's cooler...so I guess he had the most party fouls of the night, which makes him MVP in my book. Regardless, good times were had by all. Ken and Mario stayed over and we played video games until like 3 AM.

The Shimane JETs Welcome Party was also this weekend at Mt. Sanbe, but I forgot to bring my camera. Hopefully I'll be able to lift photos from everyone else who was there. It was a lot of fun; rugby, BBQ, beer, music. All things I love. 'Tis the season.

I think one Andrew Kudlick may be coming to visit this weekend, this should prove to be excellent. There is also an open mic night in Matsue which I plan to ROCK.

Oh, and amongst the plethora of things that Tom Callow has been dead right about...sometimes you just feel like you need to weld your CD player shut with Broken Star inside.



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