The Pentagon and New Media: Joy

So the Pentagon is unhappy with the way the war in Iraq is being reported, so their answer: monitor weblogs and appoint faux news sources (who would, simply out of coincidance, be "top politicians or lobbyists"). They're bitching that we're only hearing the bad bits and that they want to correct "inaccurate" information. Yeah, and I'd really trust the info I was getting from pentagon.blogspot.com...

Aparently they're championing a "24-hour rolling news outlet" that would seek to change people's minds and assure them that Iraq isn't a disaster. Good call.

I like this bit:
Defence Secretary Donald Rumsfeld has said media manipulation by enemies of the US is the only thing keeping him awake at night.

Well at least Rummy and I agree on something, though I doubt we agree that this enemy of the US is Donald Rumsfeld and a newly-created Pentagon propaganda machine, but such is life. But here's the kicker I mentioned before:
A spokesman said the unit would monitor media such as weblogs and would also employ "surrogates", or top politicians or lobbyists who could be interviewed on TV and radio shows.

Rummy: "No no, they're getting it all wrong. We're not losing the war. The Iraqi people don't hate us for killing a signifcant fraction of their population in an unjust invasion. Here...give me the keyboard. I'll fix it."

Yay for propaganda!

(Source: BBC News)


Anonymous alex said...

This is pretty insane, man. Like that 'little feds' social networking site that just came out. But really, I thought there was a point in seperating the media from the government... guess i was wrong.

Blogger darrell said...

Yeah, but it was bound to happen...I mean the internet surely lends itself to crap like this. Misinformation flows on all sides.

Anonymous alex said...

bound to happen my ass. no f*ck*ng excuses.


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