"Bush Says No Plans to Attack North Korea" is the headline over at the New York Times, amongst similar headlines other places.
President Bush said that he has “no intention” of attacking North Korea but will push for economic sanctions...

Really?! What a shocker...

I like how the press is treating Bush's newest pronouncement like he actually had another plan of action outside of doing nothing. With the majority of our military resources tied up in two failing conflicts overseas I really doubt we could sustain a third even if we wanted to try.

The key thing to remember here is that there is absolutely no immediate economic gain involved in intervening in North Korea...so yeah, I don't think we'd go there unless they fired an ICBM directly up our asses.

And this is without mentioning how abysmally the Republican party is doing on the popularity front these days. One sure-fire way to lose the House in the upcoming midterms would be to commit to military action in North Korea. Although that's assuming America still has a few brain cells left. Who knows, maybe a new military conflict under the guise of "peace-keeping" is just the thing that would get terrified, xenophobic American voters to vote Republican.

You never can tell these days.


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