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So yet again school took a backseat to sports; today my school hosted basketball and table tennis tournaments for what is essentially the whole "city." This was pretty fun, and since there was no class I got to do no work.

I watched table tennis in the morning, which I actually really enjoy watching. It's not nearly as fun as playing the XBox game with Tom, but it comes close.

Later on I watched a bunch of basketball. Basketball is already a pretty boring sport, but Japanese style basketball is even more boring. Like in many Japanese team sports, basketball in Japan suffers from the passing paradox. They practice passing and drilling all the time, so when they actually play a game they can't stop passing. I noticed a similar problem while watching the national soccer team play at the World Cup. I mean it's a good skill to learn, but you can't score if you're always passing. My kids lost both their games pretty severely, but it looked like they were having fun.

Another weird thing is that the 3rd Years have to "retire" from sports after the summer. That leaves a whole 6 months or so that they don't get to play. Seemed kinda pointless to me...but I guess they have entrance exams coming up. Oh well.


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