Me and Kuddy, Together Again

This weekend I met Andrew Kudlick in Hiroshima and we proceeded to have a pretty killer time.

First we visited Miyajima, pictures of which can be seen below and over at my Flickr photostream.

Now that's a torii! (and Kud)



Mad skillz

We also peeped the A-Bomb dome. Poor some of your 40 on the curb for Hiroshima next time you're drinking one (cause they don't sell 40s here).

The A-Bomb Dome

We slept in a capsule hotel (sorry, no pics) and did some partying. We then proceeded on to visit Matsue, the wonderful capital of Shimane-ken, on Sunday. I played at the JET-organized open mic. Setlist was: Werewolf Love, Lover's Town Revisited, Golden Boy (with the lovely and talented Ashley Nease), Forward All Along the Line, and Redemption Song. It was okay, but I was a little drunk and very nervous. Oh well.

Monday Kuddy and I parted ways, but not for long because I shall be visiting him in Gifu-ken very soon.


Anonymous ashley said...

omg the deerzez!! squeeeee

Anonymous Anonymous said...

i miss you dudes a ton, faux real.

the first time i saw you
you worked selling hot dogs and stealing your mom's vcr
you sold your nintendo for a shitty drum set
that you sold for a shittier car
i remember you hitting your girlfriend
once or twice when she got in your face
you come sell us weed or you'd just watch tv
and she'd sit in your chevy and wait

the first time i saw you
you worked at the lakeview with that guy with those bad tattoos
someone had broken your heart
and you worked it out fucking the regular
your smile was amazing, your apartment was tiny
your arms and your back were all bruised
sometimes you wore glasses
that you didn't like over eyes that were sparkly blue

howdy stranger, how ya been?
a million distant memories of a million distant friends

the last time i saw you
we split a pitcher or two at some hillbilly bar
your heart was all shattered
your hair was all greasy and long and your hands were all hard
i remember saying to dump your girlfriend
she was making both of us sick
it's not a lot, but it's what i got
it's harder and harder to stick to the script

it's harder these days
it's harder to stay

Blogger darrell said...

I hear you man. If there's one thing I hate about living in Japan (and it's pretty much just this one thing) it's that most of my friends aren't here.

Oh well, I don't think it matters in the long run. There will be plenty of redneck bars to share pitchers in for the future, and we'll be there. I can just tell.

Blogger Elliott said...

Hey could you tell Andrew to contact me? Its Elliott, I went college with him and I'm trying to do JET next fall.


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