Well, the GoP is officially imploding.

Where to start? Well how about with Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist's concession that we should give up on the war in Afghanistan and try to make friends with the Taliban...read about it in the Washington Post. I mean...seriously? I don't support the war, but you're going to tell our soldiers (and the American people) that after 5 years of lying to them you're just going to give up? That sounds like a good idea.

Then, on a similar subject, we have Republican Senator Mike DeWine supposedly saying, "We're not in Iraq for the Iraqis; we're there for us" on Meet The Press. Well no shit.

Now we have conservative bloggers jumping ship left and right. Not really a surprise.

I don't even think I have to mention the Foley scandal, but I will anyway.

This isn't that surprising...and honestly it's not even that encouraging. The reason why? Because the Democrats aren't any fucking better. They're the ones who have been sitting on their asses for 6 years letting Bush get away with his Fascism Lite agenda. Lord knows they'll take advantage of this situation though. I'd like to think they can't make things any worse, but can they actually make them better?


Anonymous Isaac said...

DvR: No matter who wins, we lose.

In my opinion, the thing that could save this country was a blistering return to the isolationism of the early, pre-WWI 20th century. I don't honestly or realistically think that's possible any more, however, which means that we are fucked.

This is why I need to make so much money so fast, so I can leave this fucking country and live like a hermit somewhere with interesting scenery (read, Scotland).

Blogger darrell said...

Yeah, Scotland is looking better and better these days. Let me also suggest rural Japan (read, the JET Programme).


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