Halloween Party

The Halloween Party was a lot of work, but it definitely paid off. I had a lot of fun, and the children were so hopped up on sugar that it at least looked like they were having a good time. Picture 40 elementary kids running wild and you get the general feel of the day.

I helped with games and the Halloween drama, but my main job during the day was painting faces. The kids weren't that into it at first, but by the end of the day I had kids drawing all over their own faces with the oil crayons. Good times. I bet some parents in Hamada hate me now...

I have to confess...I forgot my camera. I've been doing this a lot lately and it makes me really mad. I've made people promise to give me their pictures so I can put some up, but it's not the saaaame. I want my own pictures. I need to quit this forgetful business.


Blogger Kenneth Griggs said...

I just saw on the news that several sets of parents in Hamada were "disgruntled" that several "supposedly mature and professional English teachers" deemed it necessary to give their children a "sugary, cocaine-type substance" and unleash them in a room full of "facial paints". Apparently, they are blaming two rowdy Americans, nameless, one of which is known to get thrown out of parties and the other who adores karaoke. Know anybody that fits this description?

Anonymous debbymac said...

Glad that the Halloween party was a success.... Can't wait to see the pictures from other photographers. Our party was pretty great also - Pictures to follow in your e-mail.
Perhaps if you were to wear your camera around your neck....

p.s. Face painting - awesome!

Anonymous debbymac said...

UGH! I did it again... please delete one of these;)

Anonymous Lindsay said...

handing over your job to the kids: brilliant

forgetting your camera (especially considering the above statement): so lame

Anonymous Anonymous said...

You used confusing grammar in your last sentence...

If I was the baby Jesus, and I still had my grammar Nazi tendencies, I would cry and cry.

You can punch me later on for making a post solely about your grammar.

-OGK (original grammar king)

Blogger darrell said...

Well...I mean...all my sentences have confusing grammar. That sentence can't possibly be my worst offense.


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