Google Docs and Spreadsheets

Yeah, the name sucks, and I'm not necessarily a Google fanatic, but you have to admit that Google's (sort of) new online word processor is a pretty damn good idea. Any time I can get one step closer to living free of Microsoft is a time for celebration.

You can checkity check it here.

While it is by no means an "Office-killer," it does make some steps in the right direction. It adds to the whole "Google acting as my virtual PC" thing. I can't wait until you can start running applications on your virtual Google PC, or when they cut the crap and officially make your 2.7 gigs of mail space a virtual hard drive. That'll be the day.

Then maybe I can finally play some online Magic, because there's no programs for doing that on Mac. (And I refuse to emulate Windows or dual boot it...I know, I'm whiny today)


Blogger cliff said...

In fact before Google Docs and Spreadsheet introduced, there are quite a lot companies working in that direction, some of them even have better product then Google, for spreadsheets, you may take a look at EditGrid and iRows, both of them exist long before Google is there. With better service, and free.

Blogger darrell said...

Sweet, thanks for the heads up.

I guess the only thing Google has going for it is name-recognition...and that I use all their other services on a daily basis. Which begs the question, is Google any better than Microsoft? They clearly want dominance of some sort. Well, at least I'm not paying money for it, that's all I can say.

Anonymous isaac said...

dual-booting windows is sweet, man...i love playing half-life 2 and counterstrike on it at like 3x the framerates any of my windows-sucker-friends get.


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