Good Riddance

I know I've expressed my feelings on the matter often and violently, but I couldn't be more pleased that CBGBs is finally closing.

While it may serve as some sort of museum for those people who were young when it was the shining beacon of things new and exciting in music, since then it has become nothing more than an amusement park, a tourist trap. And punk rock doesn't need monuments.

Punk rock is not dead, and the passing of CBGBs will have no effect on the punk kids of today. For me punk rock is about youth and rebellion and creation and attitude, not worship of the past. I will take a moment to reflect on what CBGBs meant to the birth of punk, but hopefully I'll never hear its name mentioned again.


Anonymous ashley said...

I don't know, man. I think you're being pretty harsh about the whole thing. What did CBGB ever do to you? No it's not a breeding ground for really creative, new, interesting music anymore, but it still holds a place in punk history and I don't think there's anything wrong with admiring it for what it DID produce in its heyday. The fact that it's moving to Las Vegas is LAME, but if it had stayed in its spot as a venue or a museum or whatever, I think that would have been very not lame and would have served as a reminder of how important it really was.

Anonymous alex said...

i thought punk died when the first kid said 'punks not dead'

Blogger darrell said...

Ashley: While I see your point let me stress...they're moving it to Las Vegas...(and in my best GOB Bluth voice) COME ON!?! I do disagree with the museum bit 100% too. Punk doesn't need history. To quote Scholastic Deth "Bring it back, so we can kill it again." CBGBs = the lame sauce.

Alex: Zing! But seriously, punk is dead. Long live punk.

Anonymous ashley said...

About the Las Vegas thing: Yeah, I know, it's lame lame lame lame lame. BUT that's all Hilly, who is a businessman, and CBGB was about so much more than fucking Hilly. ....I'd like to see what my punk teacher thinks of this.

Anonymous ashley said...

p.s. lol "the lame sauce". you're cute.


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