Elementary School

Today I did my first elementary school visit. It was freaking awesome.

I think it's because the school I visited has a total of 14 kids, but I didn't experience the kind of chaos and disorder I was warned about by other JETs, and I didn't get kancho-ed even once! My kids were really energetic, but they all paid attention and seemed to genuinely have in interest in learning English. Not to mention how damn cute they were.

I had them practice greetings and shaking hands, which ended up being a lot of fun. Then we learned colors and body parts, and what better way to test those skills than to play Twister? I can think of none. After Twister we did numbers, and as the game I had some of the kids make numbers with their bodies on the floor and the other kids had to guess in English what number it was. This created many hilarious situations, as one might expect.

It was an overall enjoyable experience, and I can't wait to go again. The highlight was when all the kids raced out to the school gate and waved to me as I drove away. So cute.

Next time I'll remember my damn camera...


Anonymous debbymac said...

Excellent teaching tools! Wish that I'd been there to see it..... can't wait to hear more details. Yes, camera next time!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You are by far my favorite person. I don't know if I could handle actual pictures of these painfully adorable things happening.


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