Sports Days

This weekend I had both my schools' Sports Days. It rained both days, and I had a cold, but I still had a great time.

You can see video of one of them here and pictures here.

Basically the kids are divided into teams and they play a bunch of silly games and do cheers and stuff to score points. The winner gets the Triwizard Cup or something like that. It's all very Harry Potter, and it's a fun time. My favorite event is the one where three kids hold up one kid and they try to grab eachother's hats. You can see this game in action on the video.

At Kanagi JH (the one in the video) I was made an honorary member of the Red Team and they won! However, most of my favorite kids were on the Blue Team so I felt a little bad. One of my favorite girls had to announce the winners and she almost started to cry...I felt so bad. But then the entire Blue Team jumped in the mud together and most people stopped crying.

I also had a welcome party after each sports festival, so I got to know my coworkers a lot better. A lot of them are really cool, really fun people. It makes being at work a little more comfortable now.

That's all for now...this weekend I'm going to a 70s themed party and my friend Donna is making me a special costume. Look forward to pictures of that.


Anonymous ashley said...

That video was excellent! The music was particularly tremendous.


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