I was going to take a nap...

BUT, one of my neighbors has decided it's a good time to weedwack, and the other has decided he'd like to use a band saw or something. Great...

So yeah, instead of napping I'm going to gush about some music. Here's what you need to be listening to:

Bomb The Music Industry! - Goodbye Cool World
This is the newest effort from Jeff Rosenstock and company, but mostly just Jeff Rosenstock and his computer. This rocks so hard your face has probably already started to melt off and you were wondering why and you didn't know why...well this album is why.
BTMI! takes the "post-ska" thing to a whole different level with excellent songs both lyrically and musically. Some favorites include "Side Projects Are Never Successful," a delightful mid-90s throwback with a catchy chorus, and "It's Official! We're Booorrrrrriiiiing!!!," an anthem which speaks to the decline in exciting punk rock in the past year or two.
Check this album out, you will not regret it. Oh, and it's free.

Pink Razors - Waiting to Wash Up
Pun(k) Rock at it's best. This band is hands down my new favorite pop-punk band. In my mind it's bands like Pink Razors who show what a shitty, washed up band NOFX is. NOFX has like one good song on every album these days, whereas on "Waiting to Wash Up" every single song is indispensable. Pop-punk shouldn't be that hard, but it can be impossible to get right. These guys do it with style.
Hot tracks include, well, pretty much everything. "Sew It Seems" stands out as the most well executed pun on the album, and the sewing imagery is carried throughout the song...never thought I'd say that about a punk rock song. Rock on Pink Razors.
My only criticism, move the hell off MySpace. I wanted to post a link to their music but I refuse to give MySpace any traffic. You can buy their CD from Robotic Empire.

Milemarker - Ominosity
I became familiar with Milemarker years ago through DVP's use of a sample from "Frigid Forms Sell" on their hott track "Assassination." I also saw their album "Anaesthetic" in a bargain bin once in NYC and picked it up. They impressed me back then, but nothing prepared me for the awesomeness that is "Ominosity."
This album is almost a year old by now, so I'm kind of coming to it late. The band has been through a lot of changes, but what they retain is an approach to punk rock that is refreshing and exciting. They push the boundaries of drone, sludge, hardcore, electronic, industrial, punk, folk, everything...this is some ill shit. Imagine Sonic Youth has sex with the Blood Brothers and they are snorting Mass Movement of the Moth off eachother. It's like that, only weirder.
Favorite cuts from this one include the ethereal "Food Chain" and the earth-y sounding "The Rambler." But they're all good. Seriously...I mean it. Listen to this album. I think it's on Eyeball Records.

The Catalyst - Anything by this band
Last but not least, the Catalyst. These guys eat, breathe and smoke rock. They are the ultimate stoner punk band. Sometimes they play with two drumkits. They always rule live. I had the privilege of touring with them briefly when I drove the Max Levine peeps around. I don't think I would have got into them if I hadn't seen them live...so if you're in America, your challenge is to catch this band live. Shouldn't be too hard, they tour like crazy.

That's all for now. Music is sweet.


Anonymous jamie said...

i just got goodbye cruel world sometime last week, it's pretty sweet. they def win the title of most awesome song names.

myspace is obvi pretty hellacious, but have you seen the new facebook? it's a total creepfest, i'm probably deleting it soon!

Blogger darrell said...

Yeah, I'm not down with the new Facebook either...I never go on there anymore, except when I have a friend request or something. I might just delete most of my info and let it languish in obscurity.

Anonymous jamie said...

cool* worldddd


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