A couple of things

1. The 70s Party went swimmingly. I (read "Donna" because she made my costume) won first place of the boys. You can see my sweet outfit here. Yes, I know I'm awesome.

2. I survived my first actual taifuu (typhoon for you westerners out there) last night. Basically it was just a lot of rain and wind. And it was pretty loud. But I slept through most of it. Can't wait for my first earthquake.

3. Here are some videos you need to watch. The first is a dude playing the third level of Ikaruga ambidextriously, this is obviously awesome. The second is a hilarious warning video about the Robocop game for XBox.

4. Lastly, you need to visit this website. This guy is a stencil artist from Canada and his stuff is really awesome. What makes it unique for me is that he posts a new stencil everyday, Mon-Fri, along with a photo of it's placement and a description of why he chose it and what it means. Real cool stuff, be sure to look at the one of Archduke Franz Ferdinand's bloody jacket.

Enjoy everything!


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