My Favorite Things About Japan - 狸(tanuki)

The first in what I hope will be a recurring addition to my blog, a segment I like to call "My Favorite Things About Japan."

The first thing is the tanuki, or raccoon dog.

Most people are probably familiar with this hilarious and elusive beast through it's inclusion in Super Mario Bros. 3. I just think they look goofy as all hell. You can find stylized statues of them outside of all Japanese-style pubs or "izakaya." Just look for the horrifying little monster with giant testicles.

A bowl of soba noodle soup served with miso and bits of tempura fry is known as "tanukisoba." Also the tanuki are famed for their "belly drumming," though I'm not entirely sure if this is true.

And that's the tanuki in a nutshell. Stay tuned for more.


Anonymous Mom said...

Excellent! Do you see them around where you live - in nature (not only at pubs)?

Anonymous ashley said...

they are adorable. i want to hug one.

Anonymous Isaac said...

Buy me a pet tanuki or risk our friendship.

Anonymous natalie said...

dear darrell,

I'm glad you're having fun in Japan, and I really wish ym neighborhood had those dog cartoon things. ALSO: Adam Becker cut off all his hair!! (you told me to keep you updated.) It's jarring.

Well I hope the rest of your time is just as fun,


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