Holy Crap

I just got back from seeing the Lawrence Arms. It was a pretty nice way to spend my last night in America. I only wish it hadn't been at BB King's, perhaps the worst club in NYC...but I digress.

The real reason for this post is to "say farewell."

Tomorrow I leave for Japan...I can't believe it. By this time next week I'll be living in a new country and I'll have met all kinds of different people and I'll be having a veritable cornucopia of new experiences and whatnot. It's batshit crazy is what it is.

However, I don't want to lose touch with the people I know in the States, so for shit's sake please read my blog and email me and all that good stuff. I want to hear what the haps are stateside just as much as I want to tell you what the haps are in Japan.

So yeah, peace out America...see you in a hot year.


Anonymous ashley said...

Thanks for not telling me you were in NYC, asshole.

Good luck, anyway.

Blogger tom said...

gambatte kudasai!!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Can't wait to here about your first days in Japan!
Take good care... I Love You!

Anonymous alex said...

sorry i missed you man. hope your trip was sleepy, and your landing not too bumpy. japan looks dope.


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