Holler at Hamada

I finally got my placement for the JET Program!

For (at least) the next year I'll be living in the city of Hamada in the Shimane prefecture. Hamada is a small city on the south-western coast of the main island of Honshu. It's well known for fishing, beaches, and traditional mask making. Shimane is the self-professed "most rural prefecture" of Japan. I'm going to be living in the mountains next to a rice paddy, but only 15 min from the beach.

In actual fact I'll be living in a very very small town outside of Hamada called Kanagi, but I really can't show my town on a map, so here's some linkage to where Hamada is in Japan:

A Map of Shimane
A Cartoony-Ass Map of Hamada
Google Maps

I'm not 100% sure about a lot of the details yet so I won't elaborate about my job too much. I can safely say that I'll be teaching Junior High School students, that I'll be living in a pretty nice Japanese-style apartment, and that I'll have a company car (well, Board of Ed hatchback anyway).

I really can't wait to get over there and do my thing, the waiting has become painful. However, I'll be sure to make the best of my last month in the States.

One last thing: If you have Flickr I set up an account over there for my photos. Add me as a friend or whatever. All that's up right now are some pics of the pillows, but this is where I'll be posting all my Japan pics in the future.

Thanks for reading!


Anonymous Ashley said...

That apartment looks really nice, and Hamada looks super cute. Ummmm and I love your ferret.

p.s. is there a way to notify people when you update? You should have gotten another livejournal, pooper.

Anonymous alex said...

att: Ashley - subscribe to his RSS feed... check google for info. RSS is amazing.

Anonymous Isaac said...

Seriously. I agree with Ashley. LJ is great because it has all my friends in the same place.

Also, I protest this posting of photos on Flickr. Can't you just post them here? I don't want to have to all check Blogger, THEN check Flickr, THEN check Gaijin Gone Wild just to figure out what you're doing.


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