About My "JET Blog"

I had a LiveJournal for many years. I recently decided it was stupid to have a blog and I deleted it. I still think blogs are pretty stupid (unless you're a very interesting person).

Here's the catch:
I'm going to Japan for a year with the JET Program and I want a record of my daring deeds of do. I also want to be sure I keep close with the many people I'm going to regret leaving behind. I think it will help me to adjust to living in a strange place. I also think I finally have something interesting to say on the internet.

So that's what this thing is all about. It's not going to be an "OMG look how weird Japan is" blog, and its not going to be a boring blow-by-blow of everything I do over there, but I guess how exciting it is will really be up to you. This blog is just going be a record of a time I'm going to spend in a place. There will be pictures, there will be scholarly essays, and (god-willing) there will be songs.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

i love you and i'm gonna miss youuu.

but we still get to have fun until then.

Blogger tom said...

yo you should peep our videogame blog. our being david, myself, and ben rogers.



Blogger darrell said...

Sweet dude, I had no idea you guys did this.

Added to my list of BLLEEAAAARGGGHHHS.

Anonymous ashley said...

yay! this is a good idea. see you in a few for the last time evvvvvvaaaaaaahhhhhhh.

Anonymous alex said...

Hope last night turned out well. Look forward to reading this.

Anonymous Isaac said...

man, i'm such an interesting person, that i forgot to not have a livejournal.

i hope you update this a lot to give me something to read when i'm at work and i'm sick of catprinting.

take pictures and send me a wii.


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